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Brai3n Research

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Brai3n Research

Brain research center for advanced international, innovative & interdisciplinary neuromodulation is an academic translational research centre

BRAI3N research analyses the outcomes of patients, primarily for novel treatments developed by its partner universities, but also for industry partners, who are interested in evaluating whether a novel treatment results in a substantial benefit for the patient. Brai3n research is especially interested in external validation, and more specifically ecological validation of novel neuromodulation treatments.

What is the difference between Brai3n research and Brai3n clinic? Only when a treatment has shown a significant effect, are those novel treatments implemented in brai3n clinic. Brai3n clinic can be seen as an early adopter of new neuromodulation treatments. Brai3n research will make sure that these novel treatments are worthwhile clinically.


Our university partners in New Zealand, USA, Ireland, Korea, the Netherlands and Germany try to develop novel neuromodulation treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders. This requires intense collaboration with technical universities, e.g., TU Delft in the Netherlands, and neuromodulation companies, such as Neuroelectrics, Soterix, and Abbott to develop novel neuromodulation technology, essential for the creation of new treatments.

Where you can find us

Jemappesstraat 5 - 9000 Ghent, Belgium